Children gifts

There is something magical in watching a child unwrap a gift. We feel it is a privilege to have you shop our range of children gifts. Therefore we take utmost care in selecting very special products. From our smallest educational toy to our premium box sets, we aim at selecting the best products to raise little foodies and keep them busy at the table. Happy shopping!

  • Solitaire game – Solo – Les jouets libres Solitaire game – Solo – Les jouets libres
    This bright and colourful solitaire in a bag is like a dream can true. It will occupy your little one at the dinner table between the dishes and you will be able to take it everywhere.
    • Ideal for a single child
    • Beautiful eco-friendly and safe game made from organic cotton, French forest wood and vegetable ink
    • Perfect bag format for on-the-go
    Player:1, Age: from 6 years old. This solitaire game is part of a selection of three travel games from Les Jouets Libres. You can discover the other two on Croque-Maman e-boutique: Chess game - La cour du roi and Draughts Checkers game - Mesdames Messieurs.
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  • Delight your little ones with this miniature football table game. Designed for children over 4 years old, this football table game includes 2 wooden players, 3 coloured marbles and 1 wooden goal. It will keep them busy at the table whilst your repairing dinner for example 😉
    • Perfect children entertainment for football world cup season
    • Keep your little ones entertained and busy at the dinner table
    • German team
    Discover the other teams: England, Italy, France and organise your very own world cup!
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