French women are known to maintain effortless glamour and timeless look. Their teething jewellery is designed with this in mind, safe for children to chew on yet ultra-stylish!
  • This elegant teething necklace feels like a luxury cashmere sweater: light, delicately coloured with shades of powdery pink, grey and white and ultra-soft to the touch, almost as if it was melting in your hand
  • It comes with a beautiful pouch, ideal if you plan on offering it to a mum-to-be or a new mum. Promise we won’t tell if you keep it for yourself ;)
  • Made of soft food-grade silicone beads and a safety clasp that opens when pulled hard, this teething necklace for mums has got everything covered when it comes to baby safety.
For Safety, Hygiene and Health Protection: This product should always be used under adult supervision. Examine the Jewel for defects or damage before use. No longer offer it to your child at the first sign of deterioration or fragility. The material used for the jewel is a food grade silicone. Before the initial use & after each use, rinse the jewellery with warm, soapy water. The jewel is suitable for use in the sterilizer or dishwasher. The necklace has a clasp designed to open if you pull too hard on it, avoiding breaking the necklace, or hurting the mother's neck!