May/Jun 15 Web Favourites

May-Jun 15 Web Favourites (small)

Here is summer with a wonderful weather in the UK (fingers crossed it will last), time to reflect on some of these past two months favourite reads. Enjoy!

1. How your life has changed pre/post baby in 11 pictures by La P’tite Bête

2. Quiz: Are you an English woman or a French woman, by Franglaise Mummy

3. Paris for kids by Time Out

4. Asperges grilles et oeufs mollets, by Madame Gateau

5. Tutorial: How to make a boiled egg mouse by Eats Amazing

Croque-Maman meets Julie, the French mum behind “les 3 têtes blondes”

Croque-Maman meets Julie (small)

Today I have the huge pleasure to publish my fourth French mum interview: Julie, the French mum behind “les 3 têtes blondes”. Julie happens to be the wife of the brother of one of my dearest friend… yes I know… a long story… but the fact is I so wish she could live in London! We […]

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