5 tips to eat soup with children

Tips to eat soup with children

During winter, soup is one of the easiest way to reach your 5-a-day. Yet the first time I tried I was not convinced that soup would be a hit with our children… but I was wrong, they just love it. It is such an easy meal that I have put together a little recap of our 5 top tips to eat soup with children. Fingers crossed they will all grow up to be soup eaters! 

Please do not hesitate to share any additional tips in the comments.

1. Diversity

As for everything I try to vary the soups I am making. I would say that at the moment our favourite soups are butternut squash, tomato and mushroom soups. When I am short of time I do go for one in the fresh counter of the supermarket.

2. Consistency

This is really a matter of taste but I like to go for a light puree consistency. It is quite convenient because

  • the children can drink it or spoon it without making too much of a mess
  • they are the ones who decide if they want put “bits” or not in it  when choosing their toppings :-)

3. Bowl – cutlery

When we have soup I serve it in very cute little bowls my aunty-in-law offered me one Christmas. I did not think much of it initially but it is true that I only use these bowls for soup and the boys love them. I have recently discussed this with a nutritionist and I am a big believer in the power of long term positive association to get children to eat healthy. As such if I would not have these bowls I would probably buy some funky ones for them just for soup.

Holly S. shared a great tip on Croque-Maman’s Facebook page: she uses Chinese soup spoons for her toddler, which results in fewer spills and excitement from her little one as she only brings them out for soup.

4. Toppings

I would say that the French traditional toppings are the below

  • Croûtons
  • Grated cheese
  • Crème fraîche

but you can definitely jazz things up with toppings like

  • little pieces of ham
  • chopped olives
  • seeds
  • herbs
  • tortillas…

5. Sides

I usually serve our soup with bread/cheese/ham soldiers and in the same way that you would do with soft boiled egg, the boys love to dip them in their soup :-)

Get your little ones involved! This could be an additional point that I did not think of. Laura P. (@Laura_babykicks) added in the comments that she makes her boy puree the  vegetables. He loves watching the change of texture. My boys love being involved in the making process as well. Getting them involved in the cooking always improves the eating :-)

Enjoy your soup! 

Oh and check out my friend Katie’s latest post for plenty of soup inspiration :-)

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