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July 2018

Irresistible French madeleines


Have you already baked madeleines? If you haven't you should definitely give it a try. Trust me you won't be looking back. One could easily get intimidated by these delicately fluffy little cakes with lightly crisp edges, however, if you simply follow the below recipe you will discover how easy they are to bake and [...]

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May 2018

Alsatian rhubarb meringue tart


When the rhubarb season comes around (April through June), we are lucky enough that every year we get some given by friends, colleagues... What do you do with rhubarb? Crumble? Coulis? Our favourite family recipe comes from my husband auntie: a traditional Alsatian rhubarb meringue tart. So what is this Alsatian meringue tart all about? [...]

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April 2018

Bees for kids


Bees for kids... Our boys are really lucky because their granddad has recently acquired beehives! We have learnt so much about honey bees that I have made a little recap of 5 fascinating bee facts for you to talk about with your little ones. Enjoy! There are 3 types of honey bees: There is only one queen bee in [...]

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My mum’s vinaigrette dressing


A great vinaigrette dressing can transform a few green leaves in an amazing salad but what is the secret of a great vinaigrette?  Even though French people are better known as meat, cheese, wine...-lovers (what's not to love in food???), we love our fruits and vegetables and a bowl of green salad may well be [...]

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March 2018