To kickstart our #raisingfoodies series I would like to speak about flavour combinations.

Do you recognise that little guy on the below picture? 

This is Rémi, the aspiring chef from Disney Pixar’s 2007 animated film Ratatouille. In this scene, he captures like no other the power of flavour combinations. Ready for taste bud fireworks? Watch it!

Get your little ones to watch this short video, or even the whole movie 😊 and challenge them to try some flavour combinations.

Get them to try a first ingredient, then a second ingredient, then the two combined and experiment the fireworks!

Some of our favourite combinations at home are: 


Butternut squash + Feta cheese
Gnocchi with a splash of olive oil combined with mashed cooked butternut squash and served with crumbled feta on top

Strawberry + Balsamic vinegar
Fresh strawberries with drops of balsamic vinegar 

Fresh goat cheese + honey
Baguette topped with fresh goat cheese drizzled with honey

Dark chocolate + salt
Try making our organic chocolate fondant using slightly salted butter…


Gouter organic baking kits - Gift set – Chocolate Fondant - Marlette - Croque-Maman

Additionally, fresh herbs have huge potential. Give butternut squash and sage or strawberries and mint a go and you will see what I mean.

If you need inspiration and guidance the flavour thesaurus* is a real bible however trust your instincts. Once started your little ones will most likely want to have a go themselves. Let them 😊

Bon appétit!


*Amazon affiliate link.