When it comes to weaning your baby and by this I mean introducing solid food these days, there are clearly two main schools of thoughts:

  • The traditional approach where you spoon feed your child with pureed food
  • Baby led weaning, also called BLW, where you let your child feed herself/himself from the right beginning
Reusable food pouches - Croque-Maman

Reusable food pouches on Croque-Maman

The very single thought of leaving her child eating his spag bol with his bare hands could send a French mum into complete overdrive mode… let’s face it, baby led weaning does not really fit into “le cadre*”. Baby led weaning is fun, experimental however it can also be very messy, children could end up eating little but often and when you like to be in control well… it can drive you crazy ;-)

So when mums go for full baby led weaning in France they get quite a lot of reactions:

Hmm… that’s not very French!” – Mummy in Provence

“Are you trying to kill her?” – Franglaise Mummy

Children's dinner set - bamboo and silicone - Iceberg - Croque-Maman - Super Petit

Tableware set on Croque-Maman

However it isn’t because baby led weaning is not very popular as a main weaning practice that French mums do not let their children feed themselves sometimes. I clearly remember my little one eating “quignons de pain” (baguette crusty end) at 8 months and being encouraged by my French friends/family at the time. It is just that it needs to be not messy and not compromise meal time… well it does need to fit into “le cadre”*, doesn’t it?

*French parenting framework


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