Today I have the pleasure to interview another wonderful French mum, Agathe who is nothing less than the CEO of the super cute Parisian children fashion brand Alice a Paris!
If you don’t know Alice a Paris –, I recommend you to check it out. This French brand has been created in 2004 and it offers stunning everyday childrens’ clothes for children 3 months to 12 years old at very reasonable prices.

Agathe is originally from beautiful Normandy (home of Camembert, Boursin…) and she has now been living in London for 12 years. She is the lucky mum of two children, a boy Armand aged 7.5 years old and a little girl Ambroisine aged 2.5.


Croque-Maman: What is your most cherished childhood food memory?

Agathe: There are too many…. eating and sharing meals with my family and friends has always been an important part of my life ! But two of my most cherished memory as a child were with both my grandmothers: the mussels and fries with cream sauce we were eating every other Saturday in this remote and friendly seaside restaurant of Trouville-sur-Mer in Normandy… and the spaghetti with gruyere cheese (or should I say the gruyere cheese with spaghetti…) that I was eating in front of a nice Hitchcock movie with my grandparents.


A purchase from Agathe on Croque-Maman


CM: What are your top tips to manage meal time and/or to promote healthy childhood eating?

A: I promote healthy eating big time but still allow less healthy “fun food” at home in a reasonable manner to avoid frustration, mainly during the week-end. During the week, they eat fresh food cooked by our nanny (veggie mash, soups…), a full breakfast made of bread & butter, a kiwi and a yoghurt while in the week-end they enjoy Nutella at breakfast, sometimes ice cream in the evening…

I also make them taste everything: they are not allowed to say they do not like a dish/something if I do not see them taste even a small bite!

Finally, I stick to the rule “yoghurt or cheese + a fruit” at every meal and try to balance veggies with carbs, focusing on more veggies in the evening.

Alice a Paris - boys outfit - Croque-Maman

CM: What are your children’s favourite dish(es)?

A: Being the children of two French parents, our children both love cheese ;-) even some strong ones! Cheese on bread, raclette, and melted Mont d’Or cheese with Morteau sausage are our favourite family “festive” dishes when it is cold outside…
But they also love fruit tarts, madeleines, financiers and cannelés… all these sweet little gourmandises that we can bake together in the week-end.


CM: Could you please share with Croque-Maman one of your best family recipe and any story/comment related to it?

A: I have a winning starter… every time I cook my “Tuna flan with leek coulis” I know the dinner will be (food wise) a success!
My mum shared this recipe with me – she is an amazing and creative cook; but as I do not have her cooking skills, I was looking for something with a wow factor that I could not possibly fail :-) and here it is!


Thank you very much Agathe for giving us an insight into your family life!

Agathe hasn’t sent me the recipe yet but promise it will come soon! Stay tuned!

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Another purchase from Agathe