Good morning! Today I thought I would publish my first French mum interview! Yes I know… a lot of exclamation marks (!!!), I’m super-excited, I think this is such precious “bites and pieces”…

Noémie, one of my dearest friends from childhood, has agreed to share with us food stories that are close to her heart. She is a French mum of three living in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, France. She has two boys (Aubin, 4 years old and Clément, 3 months old) and a girl Margaux (2 years old)… 

Thank you ever so much Noémie for all this delicious information!

Croque-Maman: What is your most cherished childhood food memory?

Noémie: When my three sisters and I were baking together, all on the same kitchen work surface, each of us our own cake… By the end of it, we had cakes for the whole week!

CM: What are your top tips to manage meal time and/or to promote healthy childhood eating?

N: Eating with the children, getting them involved (serving yogurts, fruits), making food attractive/a trigger for the imagination (making a field out of puree, drawing little people with ketchup on omelettes…), getting them involved in choosing the menus and of course in making balanced meals! I teach them how to cook savoury and sweet dishes and they are always involved when I cook. We rarely eat processed food, we cook. Same for the babies I prepare their purees.

CM: What are your children’s favourite dish(es)?

N: Homemade rice pudding, homemade crêpes, salmon and pasta! All of them regularly prepared in different ways, with different side dishes. And home-grown vegetables!

CM: Could you please share with Croque-Maman one of your best family recipe and any story/comment related to it? 

N: One of the best family recipes that comes to my mind is the crêpes recipe, which we were doing in huge quantities when I was a child during our Sunday candlelight dinners… sweet crêpes, savoury crêpes… Actually it is as well tonight’s dinner without the candles as my children are still a bit young.

Et voilà: Noémie’s easy crepe recipe.


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