Just like me, have you been fighting nasty colds recently? I find it so hard when your little ones and/or… worse… your other half (!!!) are ill. After following your doctor’s instructions* (NHS information about colds), in most cases, there isn’t much you can do but to wait… you feel so helpless. .

My solution? Food/drinks that will help them feel better.

But which food/drinks?…  Well, as I was looking for some ideas/suggestions for our family, I surveyed over 20 French super mums on social networks, here are their answers:


  1. Whatever they fancy!

The number one solution: love.

Simply ask them what do you fancy eating? If they lack inspiration offer them some nice comfort food they are unlikely to refuse: pasta, biscuits, fruit compote, yogurt, crêpes, semolina, ham, porridge, puree, rice, soup… et voilà! 


  1. Drinks

All these super mums are really creative when it comes to getting their little ones to drink. 

Water is key then fruit juice, broth or stock, grenadine, soup, sugared water, hot chocolate, warm milk with or without organic honey… they need to stay hydrated.


  1. Vitamin-packed food

Give them everything they need to fight!

Start the day with a fresh orange juice, get them to eat more fruits and vegs and cook with garlic (Yes I know… so French!)


Personally at ours, it is fresh orange and grapefruit juice (2:1 proportion), warm milk with honey, spinach soup, kiwis, vitamins, ramen with homemade chicken broth and cooking with garlic ;)

I hope it does not happen to you soon however at least if it does you will be able to refer back to this post for ideas. Additionally, if you have some secret food remedies please share them I will add them to the post, together stronger!

Happy Friday!


*Disclaimer: Please note that these are not doctor’s advice. Please always check with your doctor when it comes to your health. I am not a doctor or registered dietitian. I do not claim to cure any cause, condition or disease. This is merely an opinion blog.