What do you usually have for dessert? In our house we usually have fruits or/and yogurt. Of course there is always the odd piece of chocolate to go with the adults’ decaf/infusion and yes when we don’t have these healthy alternatives we go for pure indulgence :-), but fruits in season are amazing and you always have little ways to enhance the experience…

What I want to share with you today is a way to enjoy these lovely fruits that are clementines whilst creating unique family moments by making clementine lanterns. Picture yourself at the end of the dinner at the kitchen table with your family. You make these lanterns together helping one another whilst you eat your pieces of fruit, you light them up, switch off the light and continue to chat away in this cosy atmosphere, magical family moments I used to share with my family when I was a child and that I am just starting to re-create for my family. These clementine lanterns make a soft glowing orange light and fill the room with a lovely citrus smell.


Croque-Maman - Clementine Lantern (closed watermark title small)


All you need is clementines, a sharp knife, matches and sunflower or olive oil. Have a go at it and enjoy!


How to make a clementine lantern - Croque-Maman

NB: The hardest part of the process is between pictures number 5 and 6 as you need to really gently pull the skin so as the wick (white flesh of the clementine) remains in the middle. This can only be done on one side of the clementine (see instruction pictures to determine which side). If you rip off the wick you will need to start again with a new clementine.

Once you have lightened up your lantern you can add the lid back on (creating a wide star shape hole for the flame) or you can leave it as it is.


Croque-Maman - Clementine Lantern (open watermark x-small)


As always with fire/candles, make sure you handle them with care and never leave a lantern unattended.