Et voilà, the boys are back to school and I have a little time to reflect on the wonderful holiday we spent this August in Auvergne, France.

This area of France is close to my heart because I spent most of my childhood there but it so happens to be a fabulous place when it comes down to raising little foodies (!), which may be on the reasons why I love food.

As such I thought I would share with you some of our family foodie experiences in Auvergne from this summer… If you have never visited this part of France, I highly recommend it and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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First things first, we went fishing with the children. I have very vivid memories of having done this as a child so it was amazing to do it with the boys. They were ecstatic. We went to a place designed for families where you rent the material (fishing rod, bait…) and only pay for the fishes you catch. The owners did even gut the trouts before wrapping them up for us at the end!

Children Fishing (small) - Croque-Maman

The boys were so proud to have caught their own fishes… they cooked them with their granddad and ate them with delight… so fresh it was delicious.

Cooking fish with children - Croque-Maman

Of course we enjoyed as well fruits in season, ripen on the tree, eating them straight from the trees when we could.

Eating fresh fruits (small) - Croque-Maman

To make the most of all this amazing fruit abundance I made jam: apricot and vanilla jam on one day then strawberries and wild blueberries on the following day. I used a traditional copper cauldron/ jam pan, which worked a treat. It is such a great heat conductor I understand why it is used to make the finest preserves.

Jam making Auvergne - Croque-Maman

Finally, we went to visit a honey farm where we admired bees’ work, got to understand more about beekeeping and tasted a wide range of flavourful honeys. The boys got to choose their own honey pots, which they treasure :-)

Honey Farm 2 - Croque-Maman

Did you have a nice holiday? Any foodie adventures?