Crêpes do not need any introductions, however I am sure I will surprise you with at least one (if not more) of the below 8 ways to jazz up your French pancakes!


1. Bake a “gâteau de crêpes” (French pancake cake)

Whether you go for savoury or sweet, cake is always a good idea!

Gateau de crepes - Poires au chocolat - Croque-Maman


2. Throw a “crêpe party” (French pancake party)

This kind of electric pancake makers is really popular in France when organising “crêpe party”…. yes yes not a myth 😉
Electric Party Wok and Pancake Maker - Croque-Maman

3. Experiment with delicious “galettes de sarrasin (savoury French buckwheat pancakes) 

Organic buckwheat crepes pancakes galettes baking kit (smoked salmon and cream cheese) - Marlette - Croque-Maman


4. Organise a flipping crêpes (or crêpes flipping ;-))) competition!

how to flip pancakes - croque-maman


5. Experiment with new fillings

pancakes filling - Madelinelu - Croque-Maman


6. Add colours to your crêpes

Rainbow crepes - Wonderfulbreizh - Croque-Maman


7. Go for aumônières style

Aumonieres crepes - Croque-Maman


8. Crêpes art anyone?