On Wednesday we came back from a family trip in Alsace, France. We had a wonderful time and as usual, it has been punctuated with lots of great foodie discoveries, experiences… 

When I visited the bookshop cookbook aisle (my favourite aisle with the ones of novels, self-improvement books, business books, children books… yes… I could live in a bookshop), I noticed an appetizing new trend: les “Gâteaux Magiques” (magic cakes). The magic of these cakes is  that out of one batter you get a cake with three layers: a dense one at the bottom, a custard like in the middle and a fluffy sponge layer at the top. Browsing at the web it is not completely new news but it is clearly to me and I can’t wait to give this a try!!!

 Gateaux Magiques - Croque-Maman


The weather was so beautiful (hard to believe I know) that my husband and I had a drink at a terrace facing one of Strasbourg culinary institution: Au Crocodile, a Michelin star restaurant. I could not help but imagining what was on the menu…

Au Crocodile restaurant Strasbourg - Croque-Maman


…but instead we got to eat in a newly decorated brasserie, Les Haras, which won the restaurant & bar design awards 2014 and it was a relish for the eyes and the tummy :-)

Brasserie Les Haras Strasbourg - Croque-Maman

Photo credit www.les-haras-brasserie.com


We enjoyed delicious homemade food such as these spätzle (Alsacian soft egg pasta), made by my grand-mother in law and cooked by my mother-in-law and this impressive cheesecake with speculoos (spiced shortcrust biscuit) my sister-in-law is holding in the animated picture at the beginning of this post… she’s such a great baker and promised my little ones croissants for our next visit :-) 

Spätzle - Croque-Maman

Photo credit www.tasteofhome.com


Finally, as we won’t be coming back before Christmas, we got to take home some bredele, Alsacian christmas biscuits made with love by my husband’s grandmother. This picture shows the last three of them, which have been eaten now of course!!!

Bredele - Croque-Maman


I hope you enjoyed this little taste buds trip :-)

Bon appetit!