How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you even celebrate Valentine’s Day or do you think that Valentine’s Day should not be more special than any other day?

In our house we do celebrate Valentine’s Day. We don’t make huge presents or book a fancy restaurant but over the years I would say that generally I would cook a very special meal, get given a bunch of flowers ;-) and we would exchange small gifts or treats.


In this spirit I have prepared:


  • two little gift guides cherry-picking some Valentine’s gifts that you could be offering your other half or even to inspire your other half to buy for you ;-)


Valentine's Day gift guide - For Mummy - For Her - Croque-Maman1. Kitchen knives box set “Les Essentiels” – Primarosa   2. Learning to draw animals   3.Two-in-one tea towel & stuffed toy   4. Organic chocolate fondant baking mix



Valentine's Day gift guide - For Daddy - For Him - Croque-Maman

1. Kitchen knives box set “Les Essentiels” – Art déco   2. Organic cereal and grain bread baking mix   3. Matchsticks family table game   4. Magician’s tricks family table game 


Happy Sunday!