Between mums we always want to know how the other mums do it, so I thought I would share with you today a basic French toddlers eating routine, which is pretty much the one of my 15-month-old twin boys, Charles and Ethan. I got it from one of my dear French friend, Noémie, who got it herself from her pediatrician (in France a lot of children are still followed directly by a pediatrician for day to day matters). Of course all French children don’t follow this to the letter but these are great indicative guidelines. 

I love this eating routine as it makes it easier to eat together as a family, which we try to do on week ends and hopefully soon during the week (with twin boys and a husband working long hours it is still a challenge). I love it as well simply because it is the way I have been raised and that it helps me structure their meals.

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French toddlers eating routine (children 1 to 3 years old)


Dairy: breastfeed or bottle or milk or yogurt or cheese

+ cereals: bread or ”biscottes” or cereals or viennoiserie (week ends only)

+ fruits: fruit or fruit puree or fresh fruit juice


Introduction to crudités/raw vegetables

+ 30g to 40g of proteins  (fish, meat or eggs)

+ 150g to 200g of vegetables and/or carbs

+ dairy: cheese or breastfeed

+ fruits: fruit or fruit puree 

Goûter (4pm snack):

Dairy: breastfeed or bottle or yogurt

+ cereals: bread or cereals

+ fruits: fruit or fruit puree or fresh fruit juice


 According to what hasn’t been given during the other meals considering that:

  • Once a day: proteins (fish, meat or eggs) – Eggs: once a week – Fish: twice a week
  • If at lunch you gave carbs you should give vegetables for dinner or vice versa. 
  • At least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day 


The key differences that I have witnessed with the UK eating routine are the number of meals/snacks and how the meals are balanced and structured. Yes, it is true that French children do like their several-course meals!

Charles and Ethan are not hungry between meals however as for me eating is a social thing, if Charles and Ethan are with other children having snacks in between their main meals (at nursery, play dates…) I let them have a little, they just eat a little bit less at the following meal, well sort of :-)

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Original picture from Kym McLeod