Feast on sun-kissed vegetables with la ratatouille

La ratatouille is a traditional dish from Provence (southeastern France). It is quite a hard thing to explain but somehow, this mix of sun-kissed vegetables, olive oil and herbs can make you feel like in a ray of sunshine even on a rainy day.  My children love this dish. They call it either "ratatouille" or "tatouille". [...]

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As promised I took a few pictures for you from my holidays and I even thought of a little souvenir recipe... les roudoudous (caramel lollipops in shells)! First things first the holidays... Before having children my husband and I were really much into backpacking/visiting holidays. They would generally include a few relaxing days towards the [...]


Mulled orange juice

Are you all geared up for Christmas? In our family we still have (quite) a few bits to do but I'm confident everything will be sorted out before D-Day :-) This year we will be spending the holiday period in Strasbourg, Alsace, France, in my husband’s family. Alsace is really magical at that time of [...]

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