With this mix for “cereal bars” you will in fact make a wonderful breakfast cake. I have made some for a couple of Christmas events I attended and no one can resist it, it is delicious… (still dreaming about the taste ;-))

  • Organic
  • Delicious breakfast cake made easy
  • Easy to make with or without children

Preparation time: 4 min, baking time: 20 min

Ingredients to be added: 2 eggs, 1/4 cup butter

Composition: Wheat flower T80*, apricots (22%)*, whole Papudara cane sugar*, figs (15%)*, rolled oats*, brown flax seeds*, sunflower seeds*, whole sesame seeds*, baking powder* (wheat starch*, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrate), cinnamon*, Ré Island salt.

 (*) Certified organic.

Please note that these baking kits have been produced in a factory that uses nuts and sesame.