This is my first book review so I thought I would structure it in a comprehensive, short and snappy way that I could use again in the future: what the book is about, what I particularly liked about the book, what I disliked about the book and a short round up of the review. So here we go for the review of The 7 Secrets of Raising Happy Eaters, by Karen Le Billon. Don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts and/or any questions you may have.


What is the book about?

Karen Le Billon moved to France with two young picky eaters. As she explains in her first book, French Kids Eat Everything, within one year they became happy eaters, eating and loving a huge range of foods, including beet salad, broccoli and mussels… but how can you do the same in your own home?… This is what Karen writes about in her new book: The 7 secrets of raising happy eaters, a very hands-on and practical manual to teach your children to like healthy food through her 7 pillars/secrets and taste training.

Seven Secrets Infographic


What did I particularly like about the book?

There are plenty of things that I liked about the book so I had to list my top three. First things first, it is based on evidence, research and written in collaboration with test families. Secondly, the tone is really encouraging and motivating. Finally it is a really hands-on practical book packed with worksheets, games, tips, recipes, anecdotes etc…

In addition, I have randomly picked a recipe out of the book that I did not know before and I made it for one of our family dinner this week: Mollie’s Enchanted Broccoli Rainforest, in homage to Mollie Katzen, author of The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest. I served it with French torchon ham and bresaola my husband brought back from his trip in Italy last week. It was delicious. One of my sons polished his plate, the other one ate a third, which was great considering they had a big goûter (4pm snack).


What did I dislike about the book?

I have really enjoyed reading this book so it is quite hard for me to say.

At first I thought wow a 400-page book, it looks a bit daunting but actually almost half of it is made of great recipes and notes to support all the facts in the book, so the book in itself is only around 200 pages, which is great.

The only real criticism I could make will actually sound a bit cheesy: it’s somehow missing some of the love aspect. Of course Karen outlines the importance we have as role models through what we eat and she does mention love itself in her “mindful eating” section but to me this should be given more importance, I would maybe call it the “hidden” eighth secret: love your food/be a foodie and your children will love it too/will be foodies :-) Don’t think of food as a mean/fuel but as an end/a pleasure in itself and focus on transmitting that love of food to your children. My mum’s dishes were not always the best in the world but what she cooked was made with love and so we would eat it…


Rounding up the review

All in all if I had to give a mark I would say 8.5/10. The 7 Secrets of Raising Happy Eaters book does exactly what is says on the tin and the amount of work that went into this book is impressive. I would definitely recommend it to any parents, whether they have picky eaters or are simply interested in food education.


PS: As you know I run an affiliate program with Amazon UK. A copy of this book has been offered to me for the review but I haven’t been paid for the review and all the opinions here, as on the rest of this blog, are my own.