May 14 Web Favourites

Croque-Maman's web favourites for the month of May 2014. I think this is my favourite web favourites so far :-))) 1. How to include kids in the kitchen, by Cook Smarts 2. Recipes illustrated by artists around the world, by They Draw & Cook - great to cook with children! 3. Delicatessen with love, by [...]

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April 14 web favourites

Croque-Maman's web favourites for the month of April 2014. Have a look! You will find a mix of really amazing things! 1. The Art Toast Project, by Ida Frosk - Can you recognise them all? 2, 3 & 4. Les fruits de mon imagination (currently exhibited in Bercy Village, France), by Christel Jeanne - to inspire children and [...]

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March 14 web favourites

Here we are: Croque-Maman's web favourite for the month of March 2014. You will find here a little bit about Spring/Easter and some posts from my fellow really talented MAD awards finalists.  1. Gorgeous Easter inspiration, by Carnets Parisiens 2. 25 non-food things to put in Easter eggs to avoid chocolate overload :-), by Family [...]

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February 14 web favourites

Croque-Maman’s web favourites for the month of February 2014. Don't miss out on the pancake day specials! 1. A sleeping baby preparing a hearty breakfast, by Wengenn In Wonderland 2. Great for (children's) parties, 100 things you can serve on a stick, by BRIT+CO 3 & 4. Celebrate pancake day using Noémie's crêpes recipe and some of these [...]

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January 14 web favourites

Browse through Croque-Maman's favourites for the month of January 2014, there are some real gems... Have a quick look! 1. Discover a sample of what Helene Garcia cooked for her French toddler in January: Pablo's weekly menu, and a cool lunchbox!, by French Foodie Baby 2. A great idea for children's birthdays: a pizza making party with [...]

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