Browse through Croque-Maman’s favourites for the month of January 2014, there are some real gems… Have a quick look!

1. Discover a sample of what Helene Garcia cooked for her French toddler in January: Pablo’s weekly menu, and a cool lunchbox!, by French Foodie Baby

2. A great idea for children’s birthdays: a pizza making party with a pizza birthday cake, by Feeding boys and a firefighter

3. My little boys dressed up with the outfits knitted with love by their “mamie”: my mother-in-law :-), Qu’ils sont beaux…, by Chez Piloo

4. French flag made of blue cheese, brie cheese and grapes. Yummm! 18 national flags made from each country’s traditional foods, by Marvelous.

5. So funny… 44 things we’ve said to our kids to get them to eat, by Dinner: A Love Story