That’s it, Croque-Maman’s web favourites for the month of August 2014. From making sure we put these last hints of summer in a jar to finding original ways to prepare your children’s packed lunch, and lots in between, there is a lot to check out. Happy reading!   

1. Summer in a Mason jar: 3 simple recipes and tips for getting started with preserves, The Treehugger, by Jaymi Heimbuch

2. A pledge to improve the quality and choice of children’s menus, by Better Children’s Menus

3. Make my own sandwich {Kids in the Kitchen}, by Super Healthy Kids

4. Are YOU taking the right career path for your kids? (Yeah, kind of kidding here) an article of The Washington Post, by Samantha Rodman

5. Les macharons, a limited edition line of macarons (available from Sept, 5th) from LeNôtre and Elodie Martins, candidate of the “Meilleur Patissier” French TV show, by Luxsure