Easy crepe recipe

This post is the second part of my French mum interview #1: Noémie and her easy crepe recipe. My friend Noémie, whom I interviewed, had a family tradition when she was a child of candlelight dinners of crepes, savoury for mains and sweet for desserts ;) This is her easy crepe recipe, which I have [...]

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French edible gifts: les cannelés

Cannelés are divine French treats flavoured with vanilla and rhum. However I have to admit I am not a cannelés purist as I skip the rhum part in our household for the children’s sake :-) Cannelés are historically from the Bordeaux area but they are so popular you will find them in most French patisserie. They [...]

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5 tips to perfectly poached eggs

What is your favourite breakfast? And your little one’s? In our house we tend to have cereals, toasts with jam/honey, granola with yogurt, fruits… and on week-ends and special occasions eggs, pancakes, crêpes… isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day after all? At the moment my favourite special breakfast is eggs royale... so [...]

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Christmas countdown with Alsatian manneles

This is it! Christmas is around the corner, only 19 sleeps left! In Alsace, we celebrate this special day – la Saint Nicolas - with manneles, men-shaped milk rolls which are served for the children’s goûter (4pm snack) traditionally with hot chocolate. Since the 12th century, it is said that Saint Nicolas goes from houses [...]

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Iconic French recipe: le gâteau au yaourt

Welcome to Croque-Maman! As a first post on this blog I really wanted to share with you a recipe that captures the essence of Croque-Maman: a quick and easy family recipe that you cook for/with children whatever their age and which makes them feel warm and welcome home. The gâteau au yaourt is the most [...]

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