Freshly back from my holiday, I have embarked on a new adventure: Campus for mums, a pre-incubator course designed by Google for new parent entrepreneurs.

Since I gave birth to my two little boys, I have taken a little step back in my career. I haven’t really stopped stimulating my brain cells as I have developed this blog from scratch (learning about blogging, social media and food photography), helped out with communication and events at my local twin club, got into giving talks about branding to fellow bloggers and last but not least learnt to handle two energy-packed little twin boys on a day to day basis… But now now that the boys are a little bit older I find myself craving for more…

A project that I have had in my mind for a little while now is to develop an e-boutique, retailing others’ and my own products. I am dying to tell you more but I feel it would be too early so watch this space and hopefully you will love it :-)

Meanwhile I thought I would share with you some key things about this great program from Google.

I have applied for it by filling up a questionnaire including a snapshot of my business plan about a month ago and I got selected (!!!).

We are about 30 entrepreneurs with start ups in very varied fields and different stages of development, most of them addressing parenthood issues.

Some of the other participants have projects which are already much more advanced and they are definitely worth checking out: Doodle Nest – transforming children’s art into beautiful keepsake, Shared City – to travel the world without leaving London or Little Carousel Gallery, fine art gifts for children.

The program will cover a wide array of start up topics such as market research, product development, funding and business planning. 

Campus for mums (or campus for moms) is run by parents for parents as you can come to attend the courses with your baby/ies :-) It is part of a larger initiative which is Campus London, Google for Entrepreneurs “An engine for collaborative innovation”, a co-working space hosting lectures, workshops…  The women running it do it as an add-on to their standard Google job and they are doing a great job at coordinating this all, stimulating networking and organizing it all.

To sum it up, I am thrilled to attend this program and I can’t wait to get more into it!