Pesto crusted cod

This pesto crusted cod recipe is what I would call an “evolved playground recipe”. I can hear you thinking from here: “that’s it.. the crazy French mum lost it”. No no no… not completely at least 😉 When my boys were younger and I would take them to the playground, one of my favourite conversation [...]

Pesto crusted cod2018-10-17T20:59:43+01:00

Quick and easy spinach lasagna

Where do you get your best recipes? Some of my favourite recipes come from my friends. Yes I tend to ask them A LOT for new recipes , I know, I know... I am a recipe addict however I am a good sharer too ;) This wonderful quick and easy spinach lasagna comes from the [...]

Quick and easy spinach lasagna2018-03-22T10:29:16+00:00

Delicious French roast chicken

This delicious French roast chicken recipe follows from my interview of Nathalie, from Les Toques en Culottes Courtes. It is her go-to easy family dish so much so that she calls it her "poulet du samedi midi", her Saturday lunch roast chicken. I have made it several times now and it is delicious. The fact [...]

Delicious French roast chicken2018-03-02T07:54:43+00:00
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