As most of you know (as you contributed to it!), I have been nominated and voted a double-finalist in the MAD Blog Awards 2014, which celebrate the UK’s thriving parent blogging community. As such I have been invited to the awards ceremony last night.

First of all, I would like to thank you again for your votes because it felt really special to be selected as one of the 59 finalists considering that over 6,000 bloggers took part in the competition.

Besides, although I did not win an award myself I am really thrilled to introduce to you the bloggers who won the awards I was a finalist for:

  • The wonderful Sarah won the best new blog award with Don’t Be Sorry, an account from the heart of the ups and downs (mainly ups) of having a child who happens to have Down’s Syndrome.
  • The very talented Lucy won the best blog photography award with her blog, Capture By Lucy, making the ordinary extraordinary

Awww and who did win best food blog? The Frugal Queen :-)

You should definitely check out these great blogs!

Finally, it made me reflect on what my blog, Croque-Maman, has brought me in the last months and I think it has been pretty amazing. Only to name a few things I would say:

  • people have made my recipes and loved them :-),
  • I got asked in one of my local park if I was Croque-Maman (it made me realised that not only my family and friends were reading my blog!!!),
  • it has been a wonderful creative outlet,
  • it inspired me to cook even more,
  • I have learnt so much… blogging, photography, hosting, social medias…
  • I have met some great new people

So thank you for your support, I’ll continue publishing my best articles to make it up to you and happy reading!

PS: And if you are thinking of starting a blog, go for it, this is a wonderful adventure!

PPS: Thank you as well to all the MAD awards team for organising the all competition.

Photo credit: Besotted brand