Croque-Maman’s web favourites for the month of November 2013. Have a quick look! It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…

The most beautiful bûches de noel (traditional French Christmas cake) are going on sale! Some amazing examples are:

  1. Le “Gâteau Minuit Une” by La Grande Epicerie,
  2. La “Taille de Guêpe” by Richard Sève 
  3. Les “Petits Souliers” by Ladurée 

4. A lot of noise around this new baby kiwi sold in French supermarkets, which you don’t need to peel, can’t wait to give it a try! see baby kiwi article with pictures by Du Nouveau En Cuisine  

5. Wooden advent calendars, a great way to offer your own treats, check out this lovely easy-to-make advent calendar on a wooden fir tree, by Carnets Parisiens   

6. Edible Christmas gifts ideas, by Feeding boys and a firefighter