Irresistible French madeleines

Have you already baked madeleines? If you haven't you should definitely give it a try. Trust me you won't be looking back. One could easily get intimidated by these delicately fluffy little cakes with lightly crisp edges, however, if you simply follow the below recipe you will discover how easy they are to bake and [...]

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Chocolate and butternut squash marble cake

When I think about veggie cakes I think carrot cake, don't you? Well, these days you can find cake recipes with all sorts of vegetables in them but until now, for some reason, I had not really explored this cooking universe myself. Flipping through a French cookery magazine a girlfriend of mine offered me, Saveurs, I discovered [...]

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French mum interview #2: Sandrine and her “tarte” au chocolat

Good morning!  As some of you may already have noticed, I am running a blog post series of French mums interviews: a unique way to immerse you in the French family food culture, sharing childhood memories, tricks and tips for children's meal, stories and of course recipes! As such today I thought I would publish [...]

French mum interview #2: Sandrine and her “tarte” au chocolat2018-02-04T17:57:24+00:00

Iconic French recipe: le gâteau au yaourt

Welcome to Croque-Maman! As a first post on this blog I really wanted to share with you a recipe that captures the essence of Croque-Maman: a quick and easy family recipe that you cook for/with children whatever their age and which makes them feel warm and welcome home. The gâteau au yaourt is the most [...]

Iconic French recipe: le gâteau au yaourt2019-02-12T15:34:01+00:00
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