Tip no1: Experiment with flavour combinations

To kickstart our #raisingfoodies series I would like to speak about flavour combinations. Do you recognise that little guy on the below picture?  This is Rémi, the aspiring chef from Disney Pixar’s 2007 animated film Ratatouille. In this scene, he captures like no other the power of flavour combinations. Ready for taste bud fireworks? Watch it! [...]

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Introducing #raisingfoodies

I am delighted to introduce a new blog post series on Croque-Maman: #raisingfoodies. This is a series about all the tips I have learnt, tried and tested to raise my little foodies. Since I have started writing my blog, I have talked to so many mums disheartened because their littles ones would not eat such [...]

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French mums top 3 food remedies to fight colds

Just like me, have you been fighting nasty colds recently? I find it so hard when your little ones and/or… worse… your other half (!!!) are ill. After following your doctor's instructions* (NHS information about colds), in most cases, there isn’t much you can do but to wait… you feel so helpless. . My solution? Food/drinks [...]

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Baby led weaning in France… ummmhh… interesting…

When it comes to weaning your baby and by this I mean introducing solid food these days, there are clearly two main schools of thoughts: The traditional approach where you spoon feed your child with pureed food Baby led weaning, also called BLW, where you let your child feed herself/himself from the right beginning [...]

Baby led weaning in France… ummmhh… interesting…2017-04-01T15:20:51+01:00
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