Easy crepe recipe

This post is the second part of my French mum interview #1: Noémie and her easy crepe recipe. My friend Noémie, whom I interviewed, had a family tradition when she was a child of candlelight dinners of crepes, savoury for mains and sweet for desserts ;) This is her easy crepe recipe, which I have [...]

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French edible gifts: les cannelés

Cannelés are divine French treats flavoured with vanilla and rhum. However I have to admit I am not a cannelés purist as I skip the rhum part in our household for the children’s sake :-) Cannelés are historically from the Bordeaux area but they are so popular you will find them in most French patisserie. They [...]

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French edible gifts: Orangettes

I just love edible gifts and especially when they are handmade. These days with all of us running around like crazy, it feels extra special when someone has taken the time to cook/bake and wrap something especially for you.  This year I have tried new treats: Orangettes. They are candied orange peels dipped in dark [...]

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5 minute no cook delicious fruit purée

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] How are things with you this Summer? A lovely mum I got to know recently was explaining me how she always was on the look out for no cook recipes in Summer. With the introduction of the reusable food pouches on Croque-Maman e-boutique, I could not help thinking how great it would be to feature a no [...]

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Quick and delicious: verrine yaourt, compote, spéculoos

To me cooking is sometimes only about assembling great flavours to create something which will tickle your senses. This is what this recipe is about; a great flavour combination idea which only takes minutes to execute. By simply layering some yogurt, fruit puree and pieces of speculoos biscuit you get a wonderful dessert that is [...]

Quick and delicious: verrine yaourt, compote, spéculoos2018-02-04T16:27:37+00:00
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