To me cooking is sometimes only about assembling great flavours to create something which will tickle your senses. This is what this recipe is about; a great flavour combination idea which only takes minutes to execute. By simply layering some yogurt, fruit puree and pieces of speculoos biscuit you get a wonderful dessert that is a pleasure for the eyes and bliss to eat. The speculoos pieces crunchiness contrasts with the smoothness of the yogurt, the cinnamon from the biscuit combines itself wonderfully with the apples used to make the puree… yummm… a delicious healthy winter treat.

This verrine yaourt, compote, spéculoos makes a great family dessert. You can enjoy it to jazz up the day to day giving your little ones something healthy, which feels like a treat, or you can serve it at the end of a rich meal, when a cake would just feel too much.

All the credits of this great idea go to my friend Noémie, who shared a little while back her crêpes recipe on my blog –which I used again this week!-. She uses speculoos a lot in her cooking as this is a very popular ingredient in the north of France. You could of course use other biscuits but give speculoos biscuits a chance I really think you won’t be disappointed ;-) I bought mine from Ocado. The remaining biscuits will come as a wonderful add-on to your cup of coffee. These biscuits are indeed served with espresso in Parisian cafés. I personally love them as well with a little dark chocolate.

Bon appétit 

Quick and delicious verrine yaourt, compote, spéculoos SQ

Verrine yaourt, compote, spéculoos

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: French
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 4 people

Verrine yaourt, compote, spéculoos, a great flavour combination idea which only takes minutes to execute.



  • 300 g plain yogurt
  • 200 g fruit puree apple, apple & pear, home-made if you can or a nice one from the shop ;-)
  • 4 speculoos biscuits


  1. Pour the yogurt at the bottom of your four transparent containers (glasses, jars...).
  2. Layer with the fruit puree.
  3. Top with the speculoos biscuits broken into pieces.