Yes I know I have been quiet since the New Year… First I lost my laptop power cable, then one of my little boys got ill (now all fine)… but all of this happened because of a great change: we moved house!

We are so happy; it is bright and spacious, close to a great primary school for the boys… a dream family house. Usually I feel kind of weird for a few weeks when we move to a new place (it is our 6th address since we moved to London back in 2005) but this is such a nice house that it totally waves that weird feeling.

One of the nicest changes is the kitchen which is fab for the blog as it makes me want to cook even more!

I can’t wait to make this new house a new home full of new memories. Of course it is going to take time, all the more that we moved from a furnished place to an un-furnished one. However although we currently sleep on an inflatable bed and eat on our garden table, I know we’ll get there and meanwhile we’re settling in little by little…

As you can see below the boys were really keen to help with the move :-)

boys in old kitchen - Croque-Maman

Boys the old kitchen