5 minute no cook delicious fruit purée

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] How are things with you this Summer? A lovely mum I got to know recently was explaining me how she always was on the look out for no cook recipes in Summer. With the introduction of the reusable food pouches on Croque-Maman e-boutique, I could not help thinking how great it would be to feature a no [...]

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Quick and delicious: verrine yaourt, compote, spéculoos

To me cooking is sometimes only about assembling great flavours to create something which will tickle your senses. This is what this recipe is about; a great flavour combination idea which only takes minutes to execute. By simply layering some yogurt, fruit puree and pieces of speculoos biscuit you get a wonderful dessert that is [...]

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October 14 Web Favourites

Et voilà, Croque-Maman's October 14 web favourites! A great selection of articles about children eating/cooking, a mini Bordeaux wine e-masterclass and a link to the beautiful clementine lanterns you can start making now that winter is around the corner!  1. How to make clementine lanterns, by Croque-Maman 2. Bordeaux wines 101, by Bordeaux.com 3. Rise and [...]

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Wonderful quick & easy French summer dessert: le vacherin glacé

A couple of years ago, when my husband and I were only boyfriend and girlfriend, we got invited  to a summer wedding in the beautiful town of Cognac. Yes this variety of brandy does take its name from a little French town, in the West of France.  As a French person living in the UK since 9 [...]

Wonderful quick & easy French summer dessert: le vacherin glacé2017-03-24T05:38:10+00:00

Magical moments with clementine lanterns

What do you usually have for dessert? In our house we usually have fruits or/and yogurt. Of course there is always the odd piece of chocolate to go with the adults’ decaf/infusion and yes when we don’t have these healthy alternatives we go for pure indulgence :-), but fruits in season are amazing and you always [...]

Magical moments with clementine lanterns2017-03-24T05:38:15+00:00
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