Pancake day is around the corner… which means a perfect excuse to treat yourself and your little ones to some French pancakes ;)

Why not celebrate Shrove Tuesday full on this year by making an entire meal out of pancakes?

The key to do so is to make your pancakes in advance. You can use:

Keep your crêpes warm by covering the pile with aluminium foil or re-heat them empty (or filled) in the microwave/on a frying pan.

Once your pancakes are ready you can make crêpes complètes (see below for the recipe) with salad as a main and lemon and sugar crêpes as dessert? Only thinking about it makes me hungry!

Organic crepes pancakes baking kit (lemon and sugar) - Marlette - Croque-Maman


In Brittany, adults drink cider with their crêpes. You could offer some bubbles to the children by making them a little diabolo grenadine? You can even switch lemonade for fizzy water if you want to cut down sugar content.


cipe - Croque-Maman (SQ)

La crêpe complète

French most famous savoury crepe recipe: la crêpe complète. 



  • 4 crêpes
  • 4 slices of ham
  • 4 eggs
  • 250 g grated emmental cheese
  • olive oil


  1. Warm up your pan with a little olive oil.

  2. Lay a crêpe in the pan, add a slice of ham cut in little pieces, crack your egg open and place it at the centre of your crêpe.

  3. Add quickly a fourth of the emmental cheese around the egg yolk.

  4. Fold in your pancake each side to make a square as per the recipe picture so as the egg white cannot get in direct contact with the pan. Wait until your egg is cooked.

Recipe Notes

Serve warm and enjoy warm with a little salad.

If you fancy some more inspiration for Pancake Day, you should check as well a nice article I wrote a while back: 8 ways to jazz up your pancakes, French style ;-)

Bon appétit!